LA Tree Lovers Unite!

Jul 21

Baton Rouge Tree Damage

We had some strong winds hit the Baton Rouge area today and cause some serious tree damage. We are working to remove fallen trees in the area. If you have a storm damage emergency, call or text me at (225)270-0102. I am checking my messages every thirty minutes, so a text message may be best.

We are one of the few fully licensed and insured tree service companies in the area. Our business has been around for decades and we’ve dealt with it all. We can help you with this.

Care must be taken when removing storm damaged trees. Digging out your chainsaw from the garage may not be the best idea. Serious injury can occur to yourself. You can also do more harm than good to your house and to the trees themselves.

Safety is an number one concern for us. We follow strict practices to prevent damage and injuries. We have boom trucks to remove damage located high off the ground. We carefully bring the damaged limbs down, piece by piece if necessary.

The average homeowner may think you can just cut the tree branch and it will be fine. Pressure can build up on the branches and cause them to twist, kick, or swing in unpredictable ways. This happens faster than you can react. A sudden wind gust can change also change things in a second.

We take care to protect your house and your yard from further damage. We have YEARS of experience in the Baton Rouge area. Give us a call and we will provide a free estimate for the repair work.