Deadwood Removal

Our region of the country is no stranger to the threat of hurricanes, severe weather, heavy winds and flooding. Deadwood is a hazard for any landowner and refers to dead or dying tree limbs of significant size, both of which are unpredictable and can fall at any time. These are extremely dangerous to children, pets, yourself and even your neighbors.

If your trees have dying limbs or lodged broken branches it is best to get this taken care of quickly. Louisiana Tree Service, Inc. responds to calls in a timely manner getting you back to a safe environment. Schedule a time for Louisiana Tree Service, Inc. to inspect your trees before hurricane season to ensure the safety of the things you care about most.

Deadwood also threatens the health of the tree. Eliminating deadwood protects your trees against disease, insect infestation and long term decay that could lead to a dead tree. Dead trees are unsightly, unsafe and typically more expensive to remove.

If you are concerned about the state of your trees, Louisiana Tree Service, Inc. can schedule a consultation and provide an estimate. Don’t let your deadwood go unnoticed, be proactive and click below to schedule a fee estimate.

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