Hazard Assessment

Are you at risk in your own backyard? Don’t jeopardize your family’s safety by disregarding that unsightly tree. Chances are it’s not just an eye-sore; it could be diseased and posing a threat to you and your loved ones, not to mention, anyone else who may be in or around your yard.

When in doubt, call Louisiana Tree Service in Baton Rouge, LA. Our tree experts will assess your site and determine if any course of action is necessary. We understand that paying to have a few trees removed isn’t in your budget, but neither is that homeowner’s insurance premium if one of those green giants didn’t make it through tomorrow night’s storm. With the latter situation, there’s the headache, the unexpected mess and the hassle of filing a claim, you get the picture. The bottom line is you want to control your trees before they get out of control.

Louisiana Tree Service can perform a hazard assessment on your trees and property, identifying threats. The most important time to do one is following a storm. It is important for you to recognize when action needs to be taken. If you live in the Metro Baton Rouge area give Louisiana Tree Service a call. We offer 24-hour emergency service and a highly trained crew.

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