Tree Shaping

Louisiana Tree Service in Baton Rouge offers a variety of tree shaping services. On the most basic level  is simply trimming the tree so it’s more manageable and attractive. The other denotation involves manipulating trees into useful structures and even artistic formations. This practice of art and science, also known as arborsculpture, has been around for a while but is recently resurfacing in popularity. Both forms are ways of enlivening your outdoor area.

Utilizing living trees – their trunks, branches and roots – as the medium for landscaping is beneficial for a number of reasons. These more permanent structures can serve as beautiful focal points of your yard. In fact, you can either be more subtle with the enhancing or you can shoot straight for a conversation piece. Crafting trees into natural, functional objects is not only genius, it’s almost too simple.

Whether you’re exploring the idea of tree shaping for your own yard or already have it in place and just need a specialist to do some regular pruning, Louisiana Tree Service is happy to help in any way we can. While we remain on the practical end of the spectrum for tree shaping, we would love to hear your ideas, even if they sway over to the more embellished side of artistic design. In any event, we enjoy seeing clients take pride in their landscapes and make the most of the natural environments.

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