Plant Health Care

Professional delivering a deep root fertilization application to the soil surrounding a tree.

We commonly hear folks throw around this notion of "fertilizing my tree" or that "my tree needs to be fed." Truthfully, it is not your tree that needs fertilizing; in fact, it may be that the soil surrounding the tree is deficient in key elements. At Louisiana Tree Service, we completely understand tree development, tree physiology, and tree soil requirements. A good plant health care program begins with collecting a soil sample to evaluate the elemental soil components. Trees need twenty components in the soil for strong vigor and vitality. Louisiana Tree Service will send soil samples off to an Agronomy Lab for testing, then understand what elements are deficient in the soil. From there, we will build a Plant Health Care Program that will guide you in giving the best soil conditions to your tree. Every tree and every site is different, and each tree species has its own set of requirements to thrive. Once the soil samples are returned, the highly trained staff at Louisiana Tree Services will issue a course of recommendation to improve the vigor and vitality of your tree.

Louisiana Tree Service utilizes a high pressured, deep root fertilization application to strategically deliver fertilizer to the soil area surrounding your tree. Our beneficial blend of organics, fungi, and elements will produce a healthy root system and tree. Each injection of the deep root implement leaves the nozzle at 200 PSI to fracture the soil and deliver the desired blend of elements at each location within the root zone. This physical action fractures the soil allowing for porosity at the soil/root interface. Arboriculturally, we know that trees need sufficient porosity to respirate; the tree will suffocate and die without sufficient porosity to respire.

Louisiana Tree Service, serving the Greater Baton Rouge area, has specialists that will deliver an appropriate Plant Health Care program for your trees.

Let our team of highly educated and trained professionals develop a Plant Health Care program for your trees to address any decencies that your trees may have. Once a system is in place, it is easy to maintain, and the lasting results are priceless. With Louisiana Tree Service looking after your trees, you will not have to worry. Call us today to get your trees healthy and thriving.

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