Tree Preservation

Tree Preservation

Louisiana Tree Service has the education, training, knowledge, and experience required to prolong the health and longevity of your trees. Our licensed arborists will set up a consultation at your construction site before construction to assess the trees in your yard, then develop a plan to ensure the preservation of your valuable trees during construction. Key parts to Tree Preservation include:
• Tree assessment before construction
• Tree pruning to reduce biomass or clear for construction activities
• Addition of soil amendments, including mycorrhizae inoculation
• Preservation of fencing and root protection
• Monitoring during and post-construction

Our preservation services aim to provide your tree with the essential elements to sustain or increase vigor and vitality in response to construction impacts. From soil amendments to root restoration to pruning, your trees will be in tip-top shape to manage the stress of site construction. Trees are the most significant part of your landscape. A Healthy tree can bring tremendous value to your property. We want to assist you with the care and maintenance of your trees through construction.

Do not let it be too late. Take care of your trees so they can take care of you. Allow our Louisiana Licensed Arborist to guide you through the process of protecting your trees through construction so that the trees continue to add value to your property and do not become at risk of liability.

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