Tree Pruning and Shaping

Every tree trimming job is different and that’s why when you call Louisiana Tree Service for tree pruning and shaping services in Metro Baton Rouge area. We take the time to walk through your property, assess your needs and explain every bit of the process.

There are better times in the year to trim but don’t let that concern keep you from requesting our help now. We will evaluate the conditions, establish what the most beneficial course of action is and present all options to you. The bottom line is putting you and your property in a better state than it is currently.

Regular care and structural maintenance of your trees keeps them healthy and beautiful, all the while, ridding your property of dead branches, insect infestations and weaknesses that can result in storm damage or the need for emergency tree removals and services. Call us today and take the first step to making sure that your property is safe and looks as appealing as it can.

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