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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning by Louisiana Tree Service

Trees are a living and growing part of your landscape and need to be maintained through pruning to manage the crown of the tree. Every tree pruning job is different and requires diligence. At Louisiana Tree Service, we focus on six broad categories to accomplish effective pruning for your tree. Those areas of pruning focus are:
• Dead Limbs
• Dying Limbs
• Diseased Limbs
• Crossing Limbs
• Broken Limbs
• Interfering limbs

During our estimate, we take the time to walk through your property with you to assess the tree needs, understand your objectives, then clearly communicate every set of the process.

We certainly know that regular care and maintenance of your trees keep them healthy, productive, and beautiful. A good tree prune should occur on a two or three-year cycle and will remove any dead branches, insect infestations, and weakened limbs that can result in storm damage to your property. Call us today and take the first step to make sure that your property is safe and looks as appealing as it can.

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