Tree Planting

Two people planting a tree.

There is much more to planting trees than the act of simply placing the roots in the ground. Great tree planting begins with the selection of the right tree for the right space. The professionals at Louisiana Tree Service have planted thousands of trees throughout the Great Baton Rouge area, and we dare say more than any other tree service. We know a thing or two about tree planting! Trees are the most significant part of the living landscape, and they are just that living!! The right tree needs to be selected to fit each space. Healthy trees grow and mature, and in an urban system, it is critical that a tree's development, habit, and characteristics be understood to meet goals and objectives.

If you do not know what tree may work for your yard, do not worry, we can assist by evaluating the space, listening to your objectives, and discussing what options for tree planting work best for your site.

With our team in charge of planting your trees, you can count on them getting off to a vigorous start.

Just a few lasting points to consider, trees are a rather permanent addition to your landscape, compared to shrubs and other greenery. They will grow as they mature, so we can assist you through education on different species and how they will mature and develop over their life. These are ideas we can help you evaluate. It is important to us that you are happy with the work we do today, tomorrow and for years to come. Tree planting is a situation where you need to think about the short term and long term. Trees are an investment at planting, during maintenance, and at maturity, but they also yield value to your property, wildlife, and the community.

“The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has started to understand the meaning of life.” Unknown Author

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