Root Therapy - Air Spading/Mulching

Professional adding mulch and beneficial elements to a tree in a neighborhood yard.Tree mulching project completed in a neighborhood yard.

The root system of a tree is known to grow and develop out some 1-2 times the tree's height. In an urban system, the proper development of roots according to this standard is impossible due to conflict with development, concrete, poor soil conditions, limited space, and infrastructure constraints. Many times, the soil near a tree becomes compacted and compressed. When this soil condition happens, the tree responds by adapting to this condition, and the root system grows and develops as it can in soils where the conditions for respiration are met. This can lead to a decline in health for the tree, or it can lead to a root system that is poorly developed. Louisiana Tree Service utilized an Air Spade to inject pressurized air to fracture the soil and ad sufficient porosity to the soil. The air spade will blow away the soil to expose the tree's roots without damaging the roots. The Arborist at Louisiana Tree Service then meticulously removes problematic roots and adds mulch and beneficial elements to establish a new healthy root system.

If you suspect that your tree is weakened by a poorly developed root system, or you notice girdling roots, give us a ring, and we can advise whether air spading is appropriate for your tree.

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