Tree Fertilization

In order to properly fertilize your trees, it’s fundamental to understand not only how but why. Trees can become nutrient-deficient depending on their environment and other circumstances. Common symptoms include a slow growth rate, off-color foliage and dead branches. A fertilization treatment can be just what the doctor ordered.

Louisiana Tree Service, serving the Metro Baton Rouge area, has specialists that can take care of the health of your trees. Trees are our specialty and we have the expertise to help your trees thrive. We’ll assess their condition and implement a beneficial course of action. If one of those steps is fertilization, then, you can rest easy knowing it’ll be done correctly.

It’s important to use the precise amount of correct fertilization, at the appropriate time of year and in the ideal spot of the tree. The application can make or break the fertilizer’s effects. Let our team establish a fertilizing schedule for your trees to prolong their life and vitality. Once a system is in place,it’s rather easy to maintain and the lasting results are priceless. With Louisiana Tree Service looking after your greenery, you won’t have to worry. We will prune, preserve, fertilize, whatever it takes to make your trees flourish. Call us today to get your trees healthy and thriving.

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